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Esen Plastic continues to be a pioneer in the market by adding advanced production technologies and market demands to its existing product range. By investing on developing production technologies; Esen Plastic JSC serves with 200,000 tons of capacity in production plants, generates 600 employees, with its engineers and employees. Esen Plastic JSC has employed 20,000 people in Turkey.

For the infrastructure construction industry;

  • GRP Pipes for Infrastructure,
  • HDPE Corrugated Sewage Pipes and Fittings,
  • PE 100 Water Network Pipes,
  • PE 32 Water Network Pipes,
  • PE 80 Natural Gas Pipes,
  • HDPE Telecommunication Data Pipes,
  • HDPE Microduct Fiberoptic Casing Tubes,
  • PVC Potable Water Pipe,
  • PVC Drainage Pipe.

Esen Plastic, with its factories in İzmir and Adana, aims to become a leader in the infrastructure sector in the domestic and international markets and has taken part in very important & remarkable projects and adopted the main duty of increasing the trust in Turkish goods and its contribution to the economy of our country.

Esen Plastic, continues its investments with the aim of promoting the product and service quality it offers to its customers, providing faster and dynamic service, making production in different regions of our country close to the market and creating employment for the people of our country.

ESEN GRP Pipes are manufactured from 200 mm to 4000 mm diameter in accordance with international standards. Esen GRP pressurized and unpressurized pipes are used in drinking water, irrigation water and sewage systems.