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  • Performance Standards and Tests
Performance Standards

Esen Plastik GRP Pipes are manufactured according to AWWA, ASTM, ISO, EN, BS and TSE standards.It is used to determine the long-term performance values of the products

Long Term Tensile Corrosion Test (ASTM3681)
Circular Deviation Strength Test in Wet Conditions (ISO10471)
Long-Term Specific Circle Stiffness (ISO 10468)
It successfully meets stringent tests such as the Long Term Damage Pressure Test (ASTM 2992). These tests contain the required physical parameters corresponding to a service life of 50 years.

Standard Concept Standard Concept
AWWA C950 Potable Water Pipe EN14364 Drainage and Waste Water Pipe
AWWA M45 GRP Design Guide ASTM D3262 Unpressurized Waste Water Pipe
ISO 10639 Potable Water Pipe ASTM D3517 Potable Water Pipe
ISO10467 Drainage and Waste Water Pipe ASTM D3754 Pressurized Waste Water Pipe
EN 1796 Potable Water Pipe BS 5480 Potable or Waste Water Pipe

Nowadays there are different ASTM Product Standards used for various glass fiber reinforced pipe applications. Hydrostatic pressure test (ASTM D4161) is applied to flexible connection pipes with diameters from 200 mm to 3700 mm to simulate the operating condition. These standards include many quality control and qualification tests. Esen Plastik GRP Pipe has the capacity to meet the requirements of all these ASTM standards.


AWWA C950 is one of the most comprehensive product standards for glass fiber reinforced pipes. This standard includes comprehensive requirements for quality control and prototype proficiency testing for pipes and fittings to be used in pressurized waterline applications. Esen Plastik GRP Pipe is designed to meet the performance requirements of this standard. A new AWWA M-45 booklet contains several sections that include the design of GRP pipes laid underground and above ground.


This product standard applies to GRP pipes used in water and wastewater transportation applications between 50 mm and 4000 mm in diameter. It covers pipes of 5 stiffness (SN630 - SN1250 -SN2500-SN5000 and SN10000) for proficiency tests and all product tests for pipes and sleeves and operating pressures from 1 bar to 32 bar. Esen Plastik GRP Pipe is designed to meet the requirements of this standard.


This product standard applies to GRP pipes used in water and wastewater transportation applications with diameters from 100mm to 4000mm.Esen Plastik GRP pipe has been designed to meet the requirements of this standard.


Nominal rigidity values in ISO and AWWA C950 standards;

SN 1250 9 psi
SN 2500 18 psi
SN 5000 36 psi
SN 10000 72 psi

Long Term Rigidity : ISO No requirements for long-term stiffness have been specified in ISO and AWWA


In ISO, pressure classes (PN) are made by accepting them in the bar unit to be applied. Nominal pressure classes: 1, (2,5) ,(4), 6, (9) ,10,(12), (15), 16, (18), (20), 25, 32

In AWWA C950, the GRP rated pressures are classified as follows. Psi 50, 100, 150, 200, 250


ISO and AWWA C950 have the same initial deflection requirements. The same classification system is valid in standard.

Class Level A Level B
SN 500 24,4 40,8
SN 625 22,7 37,8
SN 1000 19,4 32,4
SN 1250 18,0 30,0
SN 2000 15,4 25,7
SN 2500 14,3 23,9
SN 4000 12,2 20,4
SN 5000 11,3 18,9
SN 8000 9,7 16,2
SN 10000 9,0 15,0
Performance Tests

The minimum performance requirements of the pipe proof of suitability by sampling; The minimum performance requirements for all standards GRP pipes are both short and long term

  • Connection
  • Ring Deflection
  • Long Term Pressure Strength
  • Corrosion Resistance Capacity

Esen Plastik performs the tests of “TS EN 1796, TS EN 14364, ASTM D3517, ASTM D3262, ASTM D3754, AWWA C950, DIN16869, ISO 10467 and ISO 10639” Standards in ISO 17025 Accredited Laboratory to meet the requirements.


The raw materials are supplied with certifications conforming to the quality criteria set by Esen Plastik. In addition, all raw materials are subjected to sample tests prior to production. With these tests, it is determined that the raw materials are in compliance with the relevant standards and the criteria of Esen Plastik GRP laboratory.


Direct Winding Roving; The cylindrical package is supplied in coils such that the yarn structures are not damaged. Cropable Wick; unidirectional continuous fibers. Reinforced glass fibers; The adhesive is held together by means of resin. Fibers of different thicknesses, weights and widths are available. Thanks to the tulle structures on the surface, layers with high resin content are formed.


The polyester resins are dissolved in styrene monomer. Thus, the cross-linking of the resin to the final thermoset structure is achieved. Organic peroxide catalyst is used to cure the polyester resin


Silica Sand is used to increase pipe rigidity and the pipe is located around the neutral axis, the sand used generally has a high silica content.