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  • Our Policy
Our Mission
  • To present products and services that meet all the requirements and valid standard features of our customers according to the their timelines, to be a provider of the infrastructure solutions ,
  • Working long-term business ship with our customers by ensuring customer satisfaction with the principle of excellence in our processes,
  • To maintain efficient relations by prioritizing the motivation, satisfaction and continuous development of our valuable employees,
  • To provide a favourable working environment and make them feel that they are part of the Esen Plastik family,
  • To contribute to the national economy by increasing our market share in the plastics industry at domestic and abroad with the efficient use of resources.
Our Vision
  • Firstly, together with our country to make the whole world infrastructure as 'Esen Plastik',
  • To be the leader of innovations products and services,
  • To offer unique solutions by updating our portfolio with high added value,
  • To develop economical transportation methods with our structure that knows the importance of water today; to protect human health by ensuring the healthy transportation of water,
  • To provide effective and sustainable data transfer and continuous communication , protecting fiber optic cables, improving communication infrastructure with our unique customer understanding,
  • To provide a safe, durable and effective way in natural gas distribution; To bring high quality understanding and innovations to the natural gas transportation sector in terms of technology and materials,
  • Saving costs, time and labor with our improvement works in sewerage infrastructure, preventing environmental pollution and providing social benefit in favour of public ,
  • To provide traceability in infrastructure systems with our modernization studies and with technological developments.
Our Quality Policy
  • To establish quality awareness in product and services, firstly to have the tradition of ensuring quality in every field of life,
  • In order to serve our customers fully and accurately, to aim for continuous development with suppliers and to work with suppliers that have this vision,
  • To continuously develop platforms that enable us to reach effectively our customer’s needs, demands and complaints, evaluating feedback regularly and create solution oriented activities,
  • To closely follow the technological and sociological developments in the infrastructure sector in the world and be proactive towards potential needs and demands,
  • To provide national and international quality standards at every stage of our business and to comply with the laws and rules that are connected our business,
  • To provide the participatory and pluralist management approach in our company and for this purpose, to promote leadership and employee participation in all processes,
  • Increasing trainings for continuous development, creating awareness to employees, and to ensure the establishment of a corporate culture by spreading them to the base,
  • To ensure that The requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Standard are understood, implemented and maintained at all levels,
  • To continuously improve with the risk-oriented approach and zero error philosophy the performance of our organization by taking the necessary precautions to prevent mistakes before they occur.
Our Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • In all our activities,to provide the necessary technical, financial and humanitarian supports and to minimize losses in order to ensure the continuity of healthy and safe working environments.
  • Eliminating the dangers that may arise from the activities; determining and implementing protection parameters by reducing health and safety risks,
  • To improve working environments and identify dangers within the framework of legal and other conditions,
  • To apply TS ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System in all processes in our organization to provide sustainable services, and to make the necessary improvements by constantly monitoring its effectiveness,
  • Achieving the 'zero work accident' target by solving nonconformities quickly and effectively with team support of the employees,
  • To provide safe working conditions to subcontractors and contractor companies in our facilities ,to improve occupational health and safety awareness.
  • To expand the culture of occupational health and safety by giving general occupational health and safety training to our employees,
  • To produce products and services sensitive to human health.
Our Environmental Policy
  • To apply the requirements of TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard for sustainable environment, To target continuous development with a resource and waste management system that will prevent environmental risks,
  • To fulfill our compliance obligations within the framework of legal requirements, other conditions from our suppliers and customers, to make continuous improvement studies for the running of environmental sensitivity with our employees,
  • To reduce the amount of waste that may occur in each activity phase at its source with financial and technical support by monitoring our resource consumption, and working on recycling, To carry out the recycling and / or disposal processes in a way to cause the least harm to the environment, managing energy sources and possible leaks,
  • Raising awareness of our employees on the environmental and waste management and ensuring their proactive participation,
  • Trying to prevent environmental pollution with permanent solutions, adapting to climate change mitigation and changes,
  • Designing our facilities and future investments to save energy
  • To minimize the damages to the environment by using our natural resources economically,
  • To produce environmentally -friendly products and services,
Our Information Security Policy
  • In order to maintain and improve the reliability of our organization by protecting the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of our assets linked to business processes; Establishing an Information Security Management System in compliance with the TS ISO / IEC 27001 standard, creating the documentation applications,
  • To comply with all national and international legal regulations that must be complied with within the scope of information security and authorized liable status,
  • To ensure that risks associated with our business processes are identified and managed systematically,
  • To develop trainings to improve technical and behavioral competencies in order to increase awareness of information security,
  • With the aim of being an exemplary organization in our sector in terms of information security, working with our full strength,
  • To ensure that our organization's basic and supportive business activities continue with minimal interruption,
  • Taking necessary actions to manage security breaches that our organization will face and prevent repetitions,
Our Laboratory Quality Management System Policy
  • To implement the Quality Management System established in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard, constantly improving its effectiveness and ensuring its development,
  • To maintain our laboratory services in accordance with the relevant legal requirements and all other specified accreditation requirements, and not compromising this understanding of service,
  • To perform all of our test services in line with the principles of competence, impartiality, independence and accuracy, in a timely manner and as soon as possible to meet the needs of our customers,
  • To protect confidential, personal and commercial information, report test results and registered rights of customers, Not to engage in any activity that will create insecurity, Not having any administrative, commercial, financial and technical effects or pressures on the staff in the services and activities provided. test services,
  • To perform the experiments in accordance with national and international standards,
  • To ensure that employees may learn Quality Management System documents and work in accordance with our policy and procedures,
  • Believing that quality can training of all employees,
  • Identifying possible risks in the operation of the Laboratory Quality Management System and implementing corrective action,
  • Minimizing potential customer complaints by considering customer satisfaction as a basic principle,
  • Enabling the quality of the experiment to be with national / international laboratories,
  • To maintain and improve the reputation and reliability of our laboratory,
  • To follow closely the technological developments,