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  • Quality Control
Quality Control

Esen Plastik GRP Pipe production technology includes detailed quality control program. The compliance of the production and tests of pipes and fittings with international standards and Turkish standards is ensured with this program.

Quality Control Tests

Raw materials are tested before production. Tests include the compliance of raw materials and manufactured products (pipe, coupling, fittings) with standards. These tests ensure that the pipe materials used comply with the specified standards.

In Esen Plastik, certification works in accordance with ISO 9001 standards that are provided with the total quality approach implemented with the mutual participation of all employees.

Measured Qualifications Limits of Change
Wall thickness of pipes %10 of the specified thickness of a single point
Visual Inspection Standard
Pipe Length ± 60 mm
Pipe Diameter EN 1796, EN 14364, ISO 10467, AWWA C950 relevant outer diameter series conforms with (Seri – 1) table
Pipe Stiffness Min. 33 Barcol
Pipe Rigidity ASTM D-2412, EN 1228, ISO 7685 Standard
Pipe Axial Tensile Strength EN 1393, ISO 8513 Standard
Pipe Circle Tensile Strenght EN 1394, ISO 8521 Standard
Layer Adhesion ASTM Standart D-2584 Standard
Classification of pipes according to working pressure is done according to C 950 Standard project criteria in AWWA and project characteristics in M45

The circumferential and axial load carrying capacities of the produced pipes are proved by routine tests. In addition, the pipe structure and composition are checked and approved by tests

Controls during manufacturing process

  • Visual Inspection
  • Barcol Hardness
  • Wall Thickness Measurement
  • Pipe Length Measurement
  • Outer Diameter Measurement
  • Hydrostatic Leak Test

Inspections by taking samples

  • Pipe Rigidity
  • Structural damage deflection test without any damage
  • Strapping Tensile Strength
  • Axial Tensile Strength
Controlling Process Frequency
RAW MATERIALS Polyester resin Each lot
Sand Each lot
Chop / Hoop ( Glass Fiber Products ) Each lot
Seal / Stopper Stiffness Each lot
Seal / Stopper Dimension Each lot
VISUAL CONTROL Visual Control, Pipe ends Each Pipe
Visual Control, Inner and outer surface Each Pipe
Visual Control, Coupling inner and outer surface, coupling conduit Each Coupling
Visual Control, Fittings Each Fitting
Visual Control, Marking ( Pipe coupling, fittings ) Each Pipe, Coupling, Fittings
Visual Control – Coupling Installation Each connection with Coupling
DIMENSIONAL CONTROL Pipe/Coupling Inner Diameters Control By the beginning of production
Pipe Wall Thickness Control Each Pipe
Pipe Outer Diameter Each Pipe
Pipe DOS, Chamfering and Calibration Control Each Pipe
Pipe Length Each Pipe
Fittings Dimensional Control Each Fitting
(Length, DOS, Angle, Chamfering and Calibratio)
TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Rigidity Test Once a day or in each 50 pcs pipe
Crack Control in Inner Surface - Test A Once a day or in each 50 pcs pipe
Delamination Control - Test B Once a day or in each 50 pcs pipe
Surface Stiffness Each Pipe
Axial Tensile Strength Once a day or in each 50 pcs pipe
Strapping Tensile Strength Once a day or in each 50 pcs pipe
Pipe Leakage Test Each Pipe
Composite Test Once a day or in each 50 pcs pipe
Impact Resistance Test In each Shift
Water Absorbtion Test Once a day or in each 50 pcs pipe
LONG TERM TESTS Long Term Tensile Corrosion Test Type Test
Deviation from Circularity Strength Test in Wet Consitions Type Test
Long Term Specific Ring Stiffness Type Test
Long Term Impact Pressure Test Type Test